Thermostatic Bimetal Parts/Strips
A thermostatic bimetal consists of two or more layers of different alloys firmly bonded together, having different coefficient of thermal expansion result i.e. high expansion and low expansion. One...
  SMDs / Shunt Resistors
Shivalik Precision Shunt Resistors are characterized by low temperature co-efficient, high stability of electrical resistance, low watt loss, and good heat dissipation. Furthermore, since mounting...
Reflow Solder/Presoldered Strips
To reduce the cost of labour and assembly Shivalik offers pre-soldered strip.
  Precision Stainless Steel
Shivalik has in house stamping facility consisting of 10T, 20T, 40T, 50T stamping process that enable us to produce customize precision parts and components.
Thermostatic Bimetal Coils & Spring
Shivalik manufactures and supplies various types of Bimetallic helical and spiral coils. The configuration of the component varies on the basis of the end application. These configurations are...
  Snap Action Disc
The snap acting thermostat metal disc is becoming increasing popular as a cost effective protection of small motors and appliances.